Kadambari Naik seeks challenging opportunities.   It’s one of the many reasons why she enjoys working in the lab at Children’s of Alabama. “Lab work is just fascinating to me,” she says. “It’s really amazing to me how there are so many tests that can be done and the advanced technology, regulations and standards we use in the lab to do them. It’s all so interesting.”

With an undergraduate degree in molecular genetics and a master’s degree in clinical lab science,  Naik went to work for Children’s 10 years ago in the lab as a medical technologist doing hands-on patient testing. A few years later, she accepted a new challenge and became the laboratory education coordinator for the hospital’s Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. “The person in that position learns about any new system and then teaches and trains others on the system. I saw that as a really challenging and self-motivating opportunity that I had to go for,” she says.

As laboratory education coordinator,  Naik trains fellow employees on a range of topics and programs such as customer service modules, lab processes, everyday lab processes, continuing education and system upgrades. She also works with individual employees one-on-one with personalized training as needed. “One thing I like about training is that everyone learns differently,”  she says. “I get to create specific training modules for different people to help them learn in the best way possible for them. I like working with such a variety of individuals and their different personalities, and finding the ways to present information that speak to their specific educational needs.”

While Naik doesn’t really have much patient interaction, her role at Children’s does involve interacting with other Children’s employees from every hospital lab.  It’s another aspect of the job that she continues to enjoy. “I see a lot of people every day, and getting to know so many other employees is a great benefit to my role at Children’s,” she says. “Everyone here—my direct team members, my co-workers, the management—is a real team and goes out of their way to help each other out any time it’s needed. It’s rewarding every single day to work here. I’m so blessed to be at Children’s.”