You probably know that Children’s of Alabama has great employees. You might not realize that behind every engaged employee is a manager who’s also focused on our mission of providing world-class care.

At Children’s of Alabama, we seek to create an environment that enables our employees to do great things. That’s where our leaders come in—their passion for our mission and the combined experience they bring to the table inspires our entire team.

Two of our leaders at Children’s with these qualities of passion and experience are Heather Baty, Division Director of Ambulatory Operations, and Bob Crumpton, our Divisional Director of Engineering.

Heather and Bob’s roles within Children’s stand out from other hospital roles. They are behind the scenes in terms of patient care, but both leaders play a significant part in overall hospital operations on a daily basis.

Heather’s role within the organization is to focus on the needs of our allied health professionals. She works with physical therapy/occupational therapy, speech, sports medicine, rehabilitation and physical medicine professionals. Though she originally came to Children’s as a Staff Audiologist, she has progressed in her career and worked her way up to the leadership position she holds today.

Being a leader at Children’s is something Heather sees as a special step in her career. She feels as though she contributes to her whole team’s ability to impact patients’ lives.

“One of the most important parts of my job is to make sure every day that I am thinking about the clinicians that are on the front lines taking care of patients. I have to ensure everything’s running smoothly in the day-to-day operations so each of my teams in the hospital can provide the best care.”

At the end of the day, my job is to be mindful of the things and resources that our clinicians need in their roles. I try to anticipate the needs of my staff. This is how I lead.”

Bob Crumpton’s journey has been similar to Heather’s: he came to Children’s 35 years ago for a temporary job, but ended up never leaving, and instead built a career here.

Bob is proud to serve his employees and the community of Birmingham with his unique role as the Divisional Director of Engineering.

“I enjoy being a leader at this organization because of the impact Children’s has in the community. When I talk to people in the community, almost all had a positive experience with Children’s and it feels good to be a part of that.”

Bob’s role is unique and he works to make the infrastructure at Children’s as sturdy, environmentally friendly and prepared as possible.

“It is important for me to do my job well in order to keep the hospital running.We work to ensure that the hospital runs smoothly. . My team works behind the scenes on everything from the lights and toilets to the hospital’s security systems.I also work with our environmental team to make sure that the products and things we put in our hospital are sustainable.”

Beyond being able to lead the hospital’s infrastructure strategy and maintenance , Bob believes Children’s has pushed him to lead in other aspects of his life.

“Being a leader at Children’s has impacted my personal life. It has prepared me for roles in my church, roles in my community such as city council, in my children’s recreational leagues and more. Without having this opportunity to lead at Children’s, I wouldn’t have taken the step to become a leader in other aspects of my life.”

Whatever your role is, there’s opportunity to become a leader at Children’s of Alabama over time and to make an impact. Apply to join our team today and see how we can inspire you to inspire others.