When Dorothy McKinney made the decision to leave her job at a small hospital in Georgia to move to Birmingham and join Children’s of Alabama, she didn’t know it would lead to a long and successful career. What she did know was that she was excited for the new opportunity at a larger hospital that offered plenty of hands-on learning. “I have learned something new every single day since I’ve been here, and that makes the job more interesting to me,” says Dorothy. “It’s never boring. There is always something to learn, and I like learning and advancing my knowledge.”

Dorothy originally joined Children’s as a customer support analyst and she provided first-level support to employees of the hospital for various application-related issues, including resetting passwords, troubleshooting printers, or other technology-related issues. “Although I don’t have direct, hands-on involvement with patient care, I know my support of caregivers does indirectly impact patients and families, and I really enjoy that about my job,” Dorothy says. “Patients are still the center of what I do, and I know that what I do impacts patient care each and every day.”

After working as a customer support analyst for a while, she took the next step in her career and was promoted to supervisor. She currently works as the department’s manager. “It means a lot to me that the upper management team promoted me because they trust me as a leader,” Dorothy explains. “I’m glad that they know me as someone who is going to get the job done with limited interruption to patient care.”

While now Dorothy is in more of an administrative role and doesn’t handle phone calls as much as she used to, she knows that her background and experience in her previous role have helped set her up to be successful as a manager. “Because I was first an analyst and a supervisor, I had a smooth transition,” she says. “I already had established relationships with everyone and was already working with my peers. Because I have been in their position, I also completely understand any issues they face, which means I know how to relate to and help them any problems that may arise.”

Dorothy has also taken advantage of development opportunities Children’s has provided her with to help her continue developing as a leader. She was given the chance to go to the Certified Agile Leadership Certification Class, where she’s learned a lot about herself and how to help become a better leader. “I walked out of that class with a wealth of knowledge,” Dorothy says. “I learned about my management style, and what I can do to become a better manager. I appreciated getting the opportunity to take the class to continue developing my leadership skills.”

Now 12 years into her career at Children’s, Dorothy appreciates the variety of development opportunities available at Children’s. “I am surrounded by the greatest people,” she says. “They have a wealth of knowledge, and they are always willing to share and help me continue to grow. I am so glad that I came to Children’s. It was a great move for me.”